The Salem Witch Trials

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We have received multiple requests for research on the Salem Witch Trials. We will post anything we find here.

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Here is what we’ve found:

This is a great web resource with lots of information, including some primary sources, on the Salem Witch Trials from The University of Virginia.

The New Yorker does a great job providing an in-depth look into how the Salem Witch Trials came to be. From the article:

The cause of Martha’s afflictions was identified soon enough. The witch was the mother of a neighborhood laundress. On the stand, the defendant was unable adequately to recite the Lord’s Prayer, understood to be proof of guilt. She was hanged in November, 1688, on Boston Common.

Abstract.The paper deals with the (in)famous phenomenon of Salem witchcraft trials through historical and cultural perspectives with a special emphasis on their implications for the perception of women. The author first gives a brief overview of the most relevant historical sources on both Salem witchcraft trials and the role of women in Colonial America. The second part of the paper examines the treatment of Salem trials in a contemporary drama, establishing the link with theoretical considerations and focusing on the perception of women.

A research paper published in William and Mary Quarterly examining what legal records are available from the Salem Witch Trials.

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