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By using the form below, you can tell us what you are researching for your assignments. Feel free to request sources for as many topics as you will need to do research for. Be as detailed as you can be so we can find the most fitting credible sources for the assignment requirements and the angle with which you will approach these topics.

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Review all sources and citations before use to make sure what you are using aligns appropriately with the requirements of your teacher’s assignment.

Using sources appropriately is entirely up to you. You are responsible for adhering to whatever rules, policies, and outlines your work entails. It is up to you to meet the standards of your assignment or project. In other words, be sure to review all of the sources we provide against the guidelines you were given for your assignment. There are situations in which your professor will not accept a source that we have deemed credible.

We simply organize credible sources in logical ways to make finding them easier and less time-consuming. We provide no guarantee that any source can be used in any situation. You must use your own discretion.