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Improve the average research paper.

A research paper is made up of two things: research and writing. At CRS, we aim to reduce the time research takes and make quality internet research sources easier to find. We believe that if students have more time to focus on writing and the best ways to use their research, they will get higher grades.

We do not think of this goal figuratively, though. Over time, we hope that making good research easier to find will allow students to start writing more scholarly and professionally earlier in their lives, and thus improve the work they are doing in college and beyond.

Having hundreds of sources available in one place can definitely be useful to students, but we aim to be more than useful. Our goal is to actually improve not just how students write papers, but the quality of the papers they are writing, and to do so through enhancing the process of finding research online.

What is CRS?

CRS is a website built with college students in mind. We are the only site on the web with a growing list of credible sources from all of the best informational resources on the internet. With sources from sites like the New York Times, Public Library of Science, Pew Research Center, and many scholarly journals, we have a diverse aggregation of links to useful articles and documents for assignments on almost any topic. We manually curate the most useful sources on the most popular research topics, and we have also built a Credible Search Engine to cover anything we haven’t already found.

In other words, CredibleResearchSources.com is exactly what it sounds like.

What can you do here?

We have built a Credible Search Engine that searches over 100 websites that we have carefully reviewed and determined to be credible, including many scholarly journals, informational government websites, “think tanks” and the like. We have paired with this an ever-growing collection of credible sources we have found ourselves based on incoming requests from your fellow students or for particularly popular research topics and then cited these sources to make college life just that much easier.

In more than one place on our website the words “seek and you shall find” appear, and that truly represents what you will experience here.

When you search for credible sources on our website, you will be presented with filters for the type of results you are looking for, like “Data” or “Scholarly Journals” (the “With Citations” tab is the stuff we’ve curated). We have built this search engine so that every result is from a credible website, and as a result it works best when multiple search queries are used to find all kinds of different information. Furthermore, in contrast to a standard Google search, the results from our search engine do not get worse as you get deeper in the pages – there are often too many high-quality results to fit on one or two pages and you will continue to find very useful and relevant sources multiple pages deep.

There is simply no other place better-suited for students to be searching for credible sources. You can do research on any page of our website, or request sources for the topic you are researching and we will find some and send them to you.

We are always adding new sources, both as they are requested by you and as we continuously search the web for any potentially useful credible sources we wouldn’t want students to miss, so you should continue to check back with us as you work on new papers and projects.

Lastly, you may want to take a minute to review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which apply to all services offered through this website. We will never sell your information to third parties, and we will only ever use any information we have about you to enhance the services we are providing for you and keep the site relevant to its users.

If you have further questions about how to use our site, want to offer feedback, or want to reach us for any reason you can simply tweet us at @TweetsCRS (preferred) or email us at yourfriends@credibleresearchsources.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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