Need Research Sources for Romeo and Juliet or Much Ado About Nothing!


Hi there!

I need sources for the representation of women in Romeo and Juliet and/or Much Ado About Nothing. If I can get this by tomorrow night that would be great!


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Hey there! Here’s what we’ve got…

We have a couple of sources on this subject relating to Romeo and Juliet and also the representation of some other notable women in other works by Shakespeare on our site already:

Both of these sources come from the British Library, which is a great resource for literature analysis and in-depth reviews, especially for Shakespeare. Here’s another one from BL covering Much Ado About Nothing:

The link below¬†leads to a publication by Cambridge University which is very long and covers all of Much Ado About Nothing. On page 67 you can find a section titled “The place of women in a patriarchal world” which is a part of the “What was Shakespeare’s England Like?” portion which gives readers context of the world in¬†which most of his works were written. Also, under “Critical Approaches” you will find a section titled “Feminist and political criticisms” on page 94.

These resources may be helpful as well:


Hope this helps,

Team CRS


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Thank you so much!

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